Independent capability to develop jigs, tooling and equipment, Pioneered the development of a variety of special equipment, boosting the development of electrical heating element industry.

Wire winding machine | Spot welding machine | Mgo filling machine | Tube shrinking machine |

Tube welding machine | Annealing oven | Gravity casting machine | Continuous production line for hanging type washing machine heating element | Automatic riveting machine for thermal fuse


Focus on product development and strive to be the landmark in the electric heating element industry. Firstly launched products by Heatwell are already applied in various fields.

Heating plate for electric rice cooker | Water heater heating element | Washing machine heating

element | Φ4.5 Small diameter heating element | Dryer heating element | Dishwasher heating el-ement. | Flat tube heating element


Relying on long years experience, continuous innovation and research,we pioneered lots of adv-anced processes in the manufacture of electrical heating element.

Gravity casting process for electrical rice cooker | Built in fuse process for tubular heating element | Argon arc welding process for heating element | Nickle brazing process for heating element | Nickle diffusing process for heating element | Surface bright annealing process for heating element | Glass sealing process for heating element | Electrical performance testing for heating element in pressurized water